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June 26, 2008



As an Oklahoma resident I am so proud of our state. The comment made above calling an unborn child a parasite is way out of line. I guess the author of that comment was a parasite before they were born? Give me a break. I am a woman, but I am also a human being who happens to think that all life is sacred and with purpose. Using abortion as a form of birth control is murder plain and simple. I understand there are those with no religious beliefs and they are allowed to make that choice for themselves, however my GOD doesn't make mistakes and he certainly doesn't want us killing his precious unborn angels. Why can't the women who don't want children at least carry them to term and give them to families who desperately want them. It is not for me to judge others, only my LORD can do so... but may I say that I would not want to face the LORD on judgement day trying to explain why he made life & I chose to destroy it because it was my so-called right.

Wanda McCormick

I applaud Oklahoma for being a state that protects ALL its citizens especially the weakest, the smallest and in these times the most vulunerable in its state. Not yet able to even speak the words "I want to live", a State has recognized the value of this life. Why are the pro-choice people so upset by this law? Isn't that what they are all about, choice? I am happy to see that as a woman in this country that we the women can actually be more informed before making a choice. Not what a doctor tells us our unborn child looks like or feels or doesnt feel. We can actually see for ourselves! If anyone in the pro-choice community were to have any other procedure I am sure without a doubt they would want to see X-rays, cat-scans and yes even results from ultrasounds to show them exactly what is involved in a procedure? In this country we even get second and third opinions before making a CHOICE. When a heart is beating there is LIFE. Life is life no matter how small or insignicant to some people. I am happy to see that in Oklahoma all life is precious and sacred and I can only hope that other states will follow including my own home state of Tennessee.
Thank you Oklahoma!


So, I would like to know if cardiologists are required to perform an ultrasound of a heart attack victim before going forward with any procedure, and it must be 1 hour before the procedure?
There are no other medical procedure governed by laws other than those that deny a woman the right to choose what she does with her body. Also, let's call it what it really is, a fetus! Stop calling it a child because it is not that until it can live on the outside of the host (which is a woman). If the woman does not choose to go forward with hosting the parasite, then why make her? I take it that a man came up with the idea to force the ultrasound.

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