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March 05, 2007


Zephram Stark

Regarding "Balance of Power," the article didn't make clear why we need it. What is the purpose of having this little city in the District of Columbia rule over us? We pay it a third of our paycheck and what do we get in return?
...unfunded mandates?
...endless aggressive warfare with no obtainable purpose?
...2.8 trillion dollars of debt accrued in just the last six years?
...blowback from covert operations and sanctions?
...Patriot Act?
...Military Commissions Act?
...Real ID?

We, the citizens of the United States of America, are done with this little city that thinks it rules us and can override our Constitution. We choose to have a Union of Independent States, as specified in our founding document, and we require the assistance of the Council of State Governments to help us in restoring the United States Constitution against the will of its domestic enemies in Washington D.C. As sworn protectors of the Constitution, will you uphold your calling and duty to the citizens of this republic?

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